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Erik, Charles, wintery-ness. :D
mme yaaa

I asked my brain what it wanted to draw, and it was immediately like "omg charles and erik modern AU where they meet when they're like, kids and are BFFs and also SEASONAL!" and then I shamefully drew this.

Then I realized, having grown up in California, cold weather to me is hoodies and long sleeves. So yeah... this is probably only wintery to me. -__-;;

also: scribbling over my own work is fun. xD I have like five more versions I'm not posting because that's like, a lot. Lightening bolt = harry potter :D!!

Also posted to my tumblr~~

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YAY I going for "sweet".

These are awesome! I love the colouring, their expressions, EVERYTHING.

Heh -- this seems more like Fall or Spring weather they're dressed for (speaking as a Canadian). Either way it's total sweetness.

*hangs head* I know. Apparently I'm seasonally-challenged.

I'm glad you liked it-- their expressions were really frustrating for me. I wanted Charles to be all awkward and twelve, and Erik all awkward and fourteen-ish, but Erik just wouldn't stop looking upset about something.

Your style makes me so jealous, it looks like it's from an illustrated book! So lovely! I hope we'll see more pictures from you!

Thank you-- I really love this fandom, so I'll probably be posting a lot more. I really don't have much confidence in what I do yet, which is sort of why I'm pushing myself to post my work. I'm just tired of not getting better. ~___~

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