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Marvel_Bang art submission for Peri's "Attack Again at Dawn"
mme yaaa

Peri's "Attack Again at Dawn on AO3

The composition for this drawing was taken from some pen and ink master's piece. It kind of doubled as my study-of-a-master exercise, but I can't find the link and I don't remember what I searched for when I found it so u___u I'll find it eventually. I pretty much just switched out the characters and took out a cottage though. YAY PEN AND INK.

Also posted to my tumblr~~

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This art is BRILLIANT! I love how mystical it feels

YAY thank you! I've loved pen and ink forever so I'm trying to get good at it. :D

THANK YOU ;___; i think you're awesome

Lovely composition and dramatic feel!

The composition is awesome, right? I really need to find the original where I took the composition from. I hope to be as good as them one day. :)

Gorgeous! You have a really unique style!

thank you so much for the nice comment

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